1 Full Day Speed Reading Training Course for Primary School Students: “Total Immersion in Rapid Reading: Full-Day Mastery Program”

Welcome to “Total Immersion in Rapid Reading: Full-Day Mastery Program,” a comprehensive and transformative speed reading training course tailored specifically for primary school students. Over the course of a full day, young learners will embark on an immersive journey into the world of rapid reading, exploring advanced techniques and strategies to enhance their reading speed, comprehension, and overall literacy skills. Led by experienced instructors and filled with engaging activities, this program promises to ignite a passion for reading while equipping students with invaluable tools for academic success and lifelong learning.

As we embark on this full-day mastery program, students will dive deep into the art and science of speed reading, uncovering the secrets to reading faster and more efficiently without sacrificing comprehension. Through a combination of interactive workshops, hands-on exercises, and dynamic group activities, students will learn how to apply advanced speed reading techniques such as chunking, visualization, and active reading. By the end of the day, students will emerge as confident and proficient readers, ready to tackle the challenges of the modern world with newfound speed and agility.

Furthermore, “Total Immersion in Rapid Reading” recognizes the importance of fostering a love for reading at a young age. By dedicating a full day to this immersive learning experience, students will not only develop essential speed reading skills but also cultivate a lifelong passion for literature and learning. The program is designed to complement existing literacy programs in primary schools, offering students an extra opportunity to expand their reading horizons and unlock their full potential. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and mastery as we dive into the world of rapid reading together!


  1. Foundational Understanding: Provide primary school students with a foundational understanding of speed reading principles and techniques.

  2. Reading Speed Improvement: Help students improve their reading speed through targeted exercises and practice sessions.

  3. Comprehension Enhancement: Enhance students’ comprehension skills by teaching them effective strategies to extract key information while reading quickly.

  4. Vocabulary Expansion: Expand students’ vocabulary by exposing them to a diverse range of texts and encouraging exploration of new words.

  5. Reading Fluency
    Develop students’ reading fluency by practicing reading aloud and engaging with various types of texts.

  6. Critical Thinking Skills: Foster critical thinking skills by prompting students to analyze and evaluate information encountered during speed reading activities.

  7. Confidence Building: Build students’ confidence in their reading abilities through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

  8. Time Management: Teach students effective time management strategies to balance speed and comprehension while reading.

  9. Application in Academic Settings: Provide opportunities for students to apply speed reading techniques to their schoolwork and academic assignments.

  10. Lifelong Learning Mindset: Instill a mindset of lifelong learning by emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and development of reading skills beyond the course.

  11. Collaborative Learning: Foster a collaborative learning environment where students can share experiences, exchange insights, and support one another in their journey toward speed reading mastery.

  12. Personal Growth: Empower students to achieve personal growth and self-improvement through speed reading mastery, enabling them to reach their full potential both academically and personally.

As the “Total Immersion in Rapid Reading: Full-Day Mastery Program” comes to a close, we celebrate the remarkable progress and achievements of each student. Throughout this intensive day-long journey, students have delved deep into the world of speed reading, acquiring valuable skills and techniques that will serve them well in their academic pursuits and beyond. By mastering the art of rapid reading, students have unlocked new opportunities for learning, comprehension, and personal growth. As they continue to practice and apply the techniques learned today, may they embrace a lifelong journey of reading and discovery, fueled by curiosity, determination, and a passion for knowledge. Congratulations to all participants on their dedication and commitment to becoming proficient and confident readers. The future is bright for each and every one of you!

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$689.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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