2 Full Days Speed Reading Training Course for SAT Students: “SAT Speed Reading Odyssey: 2-Day Intensive Program for SAT Excellence”

Welcome to the “SAT Speed Reading Odyssey: 2-Day Intensive Program for SAT Excellence” course, an immersive journey designed to equip you with the essential skills and strategies needed to excel in the SAT exam. Over the course of two intensive days, you will embark on a transformative adventure to enhance your reading speed, comprehension, and critical analysis abilities tailored specifically for the SAT reading section.

Led by expert instructors, this program is meticulously crafted to provide you with comprehensive training and personalized guidance to navigate SAT passages with confidence and precision. Get ready to embark on an odyssey towards SAT excellence. In the SAT Speed Reading Odyssey course, you will immerse yourself in a comprehensive curriculum aimed at optimizing your performance in the SAT reading section.

Through a combination of engaging lectures, hands-on activities, and targeted practice sessions, you will learn advanced speed reading techniques, refine your comprehension skills, and master effective test-taking strategies tailored specifically for the SAT exam. Whether you’re aiming to boost your overall score or target specific areas for improvement, this program will empower you to unlock your full potential and achieve excellence in the SAT reading section and beyond.


  1. Speed Enhancement: Master techniques to increase reading speed while maintaining comprehension accuracy.

  2. Comprehension Mastery: Develop advanced comprehension skills to analyze and interpret SAT passages effectively.

  3. Critical Thinking: Cultivate critical thinking skills to evaluate arguments and draw logical conclusions from SAT passages.

  4. Strategic Reading: Learn strategic reading techniques to efficiently navigate through SAT passages and questions.

  5. Vocabulary Building: Expand SAT-specific vocabulary through exposure to diverse texts and SAT-related terminology.

  6. Annotation Strategies: Master effective annotation techniques to identify key information and main ideas in SAT passages.

  7. Time Management: Develop time management strategies to pace yourself effectively during the SAT reading section.

  8. Test-taking Tactics: Learn proven test-taking tactics tailored for the SAT reading section to maximize your score potential.

  9. Focused Reading Practices: Engage in focused reading practices to improve concentration and minimize distractions during SAT preparation.

  10. Adaptive Learning: Utilize adaptive learning techniques to tailor your study approach based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

  11. Self-Assessment: Conduct regular self-assessment to track progress and identify areas for further improvement in SAT reading skills.

  12. Confidence Building: Build confidence in your reading abilities through consistent practice and application of effective strategies.

  13. Text Analysis: Develop skills to analyze the structure, tone, and purpose of SAT passages for deeper understanding.

  14. Inference Making: Learn to make accurate inferences and draw conclusions based on evidence presented in SAT passages.

  15. Synthesizing Information: Practice synthesizing information from multiple sources to answer complex SAT questions accurately.

  16. Adapting Strategies: Develop the ability to adapt reading and test-taking strategies to different types of SAT passages and questions.

As the SAT Speed Reading Odyssey program concludes, you have embarked on a transformative journey to enhance your reading skills and prepare for success in the SAT exam. By mastering advanced speed reading techniques, refining comprehension abilities, and adopting effective test-taking strategies, you are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the SAT reading section with confidence and precision. Remember, the skills and strategies learned in this program are not only valuable for the SAT exam but also for your academic and professional endeavors beyond. Keep practicing, stay focused, and trust in your abilities as you embark on your SAT journey towards excellence!

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$889.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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