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Welcome to the “Student Memory Power” Memory Training Course in Taiwan, an intensive and focused one-hour session dedicated to equipping students with the essential memory techniques needed to excel academically. This course is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges students face in retaining and recalling vast amounts of information required for their studies. Over the next hour, participants will delve into practical and effective memory enhancement strategies designed to optimize their learning and retention capabilities. Through a blend of theory and hands-on exercises, students will gain valuable insights into memory principles and techniques, empowering them to become more efficient and effective learners. Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of your memory and enhance your academic performance.


  1. Understanding Memory Principles: Students will learn the fundamentals of memory, including different memory types (e.g., short-term, long-term) and basic memory processes (e.g., encoding, storage, retrieval), providing a foundation for effective memory enhancement.

  2. Memory Improvement Techniques: Explore simple yet powerful memory improvement techniques such as visualization, association, and repetition to enhance memory retention and recall of academic materials.

  3. Effective Study Habits: Gain insights into effective study habits and routines that optimize memory consolidation and long-term retention, enabling students to study smarter, not just harder.

  4. Mnemonic Devices: Introduce mnemonic devices such as acronyms, rhymes, and memory pegs to aid in the memorization of key information, making learning more engaging and efficient.

  5. Active Recall Strategies: Learn techniques for active recall, including self-testing and spaced retrieval practice, to reinforce learning and improve retention of information over time.

  6. Application of Memory Techniques: Apply memory enhancement techniques to real-life academic scenarios, such as memorizing vocabulary words, historical dates, formulas, or scientific concepts, enhancing students’ ability to excel in their studies.

By achieving these objectives, students of the “Student Memory Power” course will not only enhance their memory skills but also develop effective study habits that support academic success. This focused one-hour session provides students with practical tools and strategies to optimize their memory power and excel in their academic endeavors.

In conclusion, the “Student Memory Power” Memory Training Course in Taiwan has equipped students with valuable memory enhancement techniques to bolster their academic success. Through this one-hour session, participants have gained a deeper understanding of memory principles and practical strategies tailored to their learning needs. By incorporating mnemonic devices, active recall strategies, and effective study habits, students are empowered to optimize their memory retention and recall capabilities. This course not only provides students with immediate tools for academic success but also lays the foundation for lifelong learning and cognitive development. As they continue to apply these memory techniques in their studies, students are poised to excel academically and achieve their goals with confidence.

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Fees: $289.35
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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