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Welcome to the “Full-Day Memory Vitality” workshop, your gateway to enhanced memory and cognitive resilience designed specifically for senior citizens in Japan. This comprehensive one-day course is dedicated to helping you maintain mental sharpness and vitality as you age. Our program incorporates a wide range of activities and techniques, each thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique needs of older adults. Throughout the day, you’ll explore the fundamentals of memory, gaining insights into how the brain works and what factors can influence its performance. From practical exercises to interactive sessions, you’ll engage with tools and strategies designed to boost memory retention, improve recall, and promote overall cognitive health. Whether you’re looking to manage age-related memory changes or simply enhance your memory skills, this workshop offers an environment that is both enriching and enjoyable.


1. Understand the fundamentals of memory and its importance in maintaining cognitive function as we age.
2. Learn practical memory techniques and strategies to enhance memory retention and recall.
3. Engage in memory exercises specifically tailored to the needs and abilities of older adults.
4. Explore the relationship between lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, and memory health.
5. Discover relaxation techniques and stress management strategies to optimize memory performance.
6. Foster social engagement and cognitive stimulation to support overall cognitive vitality.
7. Develop personalized memory enhancement plans tailored to individual needs and preferences.
8. Understand the role of brain health and cognitive training in promoting memory resilience.
9. Explore memory aids and tools to assist with everyday memory challenges.
10. Practice mindfulness techniques to improve focus and attention, enhancing memory performance.
11. Learn about memory-related changes that occur with aging and how to adapt and cope effectively.
12. Reflect on personal strengths and areas for growth in memory wellness and vitality.

As the “Full-Day Memory Vitality” workshop draws to a close, you’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain and even improve your memory skills. Our program goes beyond basic memory techniques to explore lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and sleep, providing a holistic approach to memory wellness. You’ll also learn about stress management and relaxation techniques that can contribute to better memory performance, along with mindfulness practices that improve focus and attention. The workshop concludes with a personalized memory enhancement plan, tailored to your individual needs and preferences, ensuring that you have a clear path forward to maintain cognitive vitality. By participating in this workshop, you’re taking a significant step towards a more active and engaged life, with tools and resources to support you every step of the way. Join us to embark on a journey of memory wellness that will empower you to face the future with confidence and clarity.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: $511.94
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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