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Welcome to the “Memory Wellness Hour,” a thoughtfully designed program that aims to bolster cognitive health and memory skills for senior citizens in Japan. This one-hour session offers a comprehensive yet gentle approach to memory training, perfect for those who are seeking to maintain their cognitive vitality in their later years. During this session, you’ll delve into a variety of memory-enhancing activities and strategies, each tailored to the unique needs of older adults. We focus on creating a warm and supportive environment where you can engage in simple memory exercises, learn about lifestyle factors that impact cognitive health, and explore relaxation techniques to boost mental clarity. Our expert trainers are here to guide you through each step, ensuring that you leave with practical tools and tips that you can apply to your daily life. Join us to embrace this opportunity for personal growth and to meet like-minded individuals on a similar journey towards improved memory and cognitive well-being.


1. Understand the importance of memory wellness for overall cognitive health and quality of life in senior citizens.
2. Learn simple yet effective memory techniques and strategies to maintain and improve memory function.
3. Practice memory exercises specifically tailored to the needs and abilities of older adults.
4. Explore lifestyle factors that influence memory and cognitive health, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and social engagement.
5. Discover relaxation techniques and stress management strategies to optimize memory performance and mental clarity.
6. Receive practical tips and recommendations for incorporating memory-enhancing activities into daily routines and activities.

As the “Memory Wellness Hour” concludes, you will walk away with a collection of valuable insights and practical skills that you can use to enhance your cognitive health. This program is designed to provide you with straightforward memory techniques that are easy to integrate into your daily routine, supporting both short-term and long-term memory. By focusing on the holistic aspects of memory wellness, including nutrition, exercise, and stress management, this course equips you with the knowledge to maintain mental sharpness as you age. You will also discover ways to stay socially engaged and active, which are crucial elements in preserving cognitive vitality. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to reflect on your progress and set personal goals for further memory improvement. Whether you’re looking to improve your recall, stay mentally active, or simply enjoy the company of others on a similar path, the “Memory Wellness Hour” offers a welcoming space for growth and connection.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: $289.35
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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