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Welcome to the “Memory Training Course for Adults in Mauritius 2: Fine-Tuning Memory Skills Session.” This transformative half-day workshop is meticulously designed for individuals eager to advance their memory capabilities beyond the basics, aiming to elevate both personal and professional aspects of their lives. Through a series of engaging, practical exercises, and expertly guided techniques, participants will embark on a journey to significantly enhance their memory recall, master advanced mnemonic strategies, and understand the critical role of mindfulness and brain health in memory performance. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your professional edge, overcome everyday forgetfulness, or simply enrich your learning abilities, this session promises a comprehensive toolkit for achieving superior memory function, tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by adults in today’s fast-paced world.


  1. Enhance Memory Recall Efficiency: Participants will learn techniques to improve the speed and accuracy of their memory recall, helping them retrieve information more efficiently in their daily lives.

  2. Advanced Memory Techniques: Introduction to advanced mnemonic devices and memory techniques beyond basic associations, such as the Memory Palace, the Major System, or the Dominic system, tailored to adult learning.

  3. Memory for Professional Improvement: Focus on memory improvement strategies specifically designed to enhance professional performance, including remembering names, important dates, and details relevant to their work or business.

  4. Memory and Mindfulness: Teach the integration of mindfulness and memory training, emphasizing the role of attention and focus in memory retention and the practice of mindfulness exercises to support memory health.

  5. Strategies for Overcoming Forgetfulness: Identification and strategies to overcome common memory challenges and forgetfulness that adults experience, with a focus on practical solutions for everyday memory problems.

  6. Brain Health and Memory: Education on the connection between overall brain health and memory performance, including dietary recommendations, physical exercise, and cognitive activities that support memory enhancement.

  7. Customized Memory Systems: Guidance on how to create personalized memory systems that cater to individual learning styles and needs, allowing for more effective and sustainable memory improvement.

  8. Application of Memory Skills in Learning New Information: Techniques and strategies for effectively applying memory skills to the process of learning new information, whether for personal development, hobby, or professional skill acquisition.

This half-day session aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding and advanced skills for improving memory function, tailored to adult learning capabilities and daily demands, enhancing both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

As our “Fine-Tuning Memory Skills Session” draws to a close, we reflect on the journey of memory enhancement we’ve embarked upon together. This session has not only equipped participants with advanced memory techniques and strategies but has also illuminated the profound impact of mindfulness, brain health, and personalized memory systems on our cognitive abilities. Our collective exploration into overcoming forgetfulness and applying new skills towards learning has set the foundation for a lifelong journey of cognitive enhancement. We encourage you to continue practicing and integrating these techniques into your daily life, ensuring that the skills honed today become an integral part of your journey toward improved memory function, professional excellence, and enriched personal experiences.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: $215.15
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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