2 Full Days Study Skills Workshop for Primary School Students: “Learning Odyssey: Embarking on a Journey to Academic Success for Kids”

Welcome to “Learning Odyssey: Embarking on a Journey to Academic Success for Kids,” a comprehensive two-day study skills workshop designed to empower primary school students with the tools and techniques necessary for academic excellence. Over the course of these two days, students will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, exploration, and skill development, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of successful learning.
Throughout the workshop, our primary objectives are to equip students with essential study skills, cultivate a growth mindset, and foster a love for learning. From mastering time management and effective note-taking to enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, each session is carefully crafted to address key aspects of academic success. Through interactive activities, group discussions, and hands-on exercises, students will not only gain practical skills but also develop the confidence and resilience needed to navigate the challenges of school and beyond.
As “Learning Odyssey” draws to a close, we invite students to reflect on their learning journey and celebrate their achievements. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, they are ready to embark on their own academic odyssey, equipped to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and unleash their full potential. Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, inspiring a generation of young scholars to reach for the stars and make their dreams a reality.


  1. Time Management Mastery: Teach effective time management skills to optimize study sessions and balance academic and extracurricular activities.
  2. Note-Taking Excellence: Equip students with techniques for comprehensive and organized note-taking to enhance understanding and retention of information.
  3. Critical Thinking Development: Foster critical thinking skills through engaging activities and discussions to encourage analytical reasoning and problem-solving.
  4. Active Reading Strategies: Introduce strategies to engage actively with texts, promoting deeper comprehension and synthesis of information.
  5. Memory Enhancement Techniques: Provide methods to improve memory retention, such as mnemonic devices and memory association techniques.
  6. Goal Setting and Action Planning: Guide students in setting achievable academic goals and creating actionable plans to attain them.
  7. Effective Study Environment Creation: Assist students in creating a conducive study environment that minimizes distractions and enhances focus.
  8. Test Preparation Skills: Teach effective test preparation strategies, including time management during exams and stress-reduction techniques.
  9. Research Proficiency: Introduce research skills and methodologies to enable students to gather and evaluate information effectively.
  10. Presentation and Communication Skills: Enhance students’ ability to communicate ideas confidently and effectively through presentations and public speaking.
  11. Self-Reflection and Growth Mindset Cultivation: Encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences, identify areas for improvement, and develop a growth mindset.
  12. Peer Collaboration and Support: Promote collaboration and peer support among students, fostering a supportive learning community.
  13. Digital Literacy Enhancement: Provide guidance on responsible and effective use of digital resources for learning and research purposes.
  14. Organization and Planning Skills: Teach organizational techniques to help students manage assignments, deadlines, and projects efficiently.
  15. Stress Management Techniques: Introduce stress management strategies to help students cope with academic pressures and maintain well-being.
  16. Celebration of Diversity and Inclusivity: Foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment that celebrates diversity and respects individual differences.

In conclusion, “Learning Odyssey: Embarking on a Journey to Academic Success for Kids” has equipped young scholars with essential study skills and personal growth strategies over the past two days. Through engaging activities and discussions, they have mastered time management, critical thinking, and effective communication. As facilitators, we’re inspired by their enthusiasm and resilience, confident that these skills will serve as a solid foundation for future success. We encourage students to continue their journey of lifelong learning, supporting one another and embracing opportunities for growth along the way. Together, let’s celebrate their achievements and look forward to the bright futures ahead.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: SGD$1689.97 (NO GST)
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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